4 peer responses – due in 24 hours


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4 peer responses – due in 24 hours
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4 peer responses due in 24 hours 

Each set of 2 responses will have its own instructions.


Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers. Give your peers at least one additional strategy to use when dealing with parents. Explain if you agree or disagree with your peers’ opinions regarding the family’s responsibility for the behavior. Please remember to be respectful when disagreeing with an opinion.


How will you prepare for a meeting with a family when a challenging behavior occurs?

           I will prepare for a meeting with a family when a challenging behavior occurs by first contacting them and notifying them of the behavior as well as sending a note home with dates and times of availability. I would then get all my notes together about the child in questions behavior and if I do not currently have any notes already typed up I will then start making a list of all of the challenging behaviors this child exhibits. I would have some strategies prepared as well of how to correct these behaviors, but I would of course ask the parents if they have any input on specific strategies and/or discipline that they would like me to use.

List three strategies you will use when meeting with a family to discuss their child’s behavior.

· Be a straight shooter: I would just tell the parents out right the type of behavior that they are exhibiting. It is better to get straight to the point rather than beating around the bush about their child’s behavioral problems.

· Explain how you are handling the behavior: This also goes with being s straight shooter because you need to let the parents know how you are planning to correct the behavioral problems while they are in your care. I would also make it clear that you are open to any and all suggestions they may have.

· Be friendly: This is probably one of the most important strategies in my opinion because you need to let the parents know that you are there to help their child. When you are friendly to a student’s parents it will most likely make them more comfortable in your ability to correct their child’s troubling behavior.

Examine your own attitude and discuss whether or not you think families are responsible for how their child behaves at school. Support your stance.

           I believe that a parent could be responsible for how their child behaves at school, but I also believe that the parent could have nothing to do with how their child behaves when they are not around. I am a firm believer in it all depends on the situation. The reason for the child’s behavior could be because of the way their parent treats them or it could be another child at school.

What data and records will you bring into the discussion to help move the conversation forward in a positive direction?

           I would bring any and all data and records regarding the child’s behavior into the discussion. I would then discuss a few options on how I plan to correct their child’s behavior as well as welcoming any suggestions or strategies they may have. I would move forward in a positive way by ensuring that between the four of us we will fix the problem.

Beyond these considerations, what other factors may be involved?

           Beyond these considerations, some of the other factors that may be involved are a parent’s protective instincts kicking in. A parent’s protective instincts kick in by getting angry, possibly yelling, or just out right denying that their child could do any wrong. This could definitely cause a rift in the parent-teacher relationship which is something that we do not want. So, making sure that you remain friendly while also sticking to your guns is essential.


Kaiser, B., & Sklar Rasminsky, J. (2017). Challenging behavior in young children: Understanding, preventing, and responding effectively (4th ed.). Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu (Links to an external site.)

Linsin, M. (2020) How To Talk To Parents About Their Misbehaving Child Retrieved from https://www.smartclassroommanagement.com/2011/06/04/how-to-talk-to-parents-about-their-misbehaving-child/ (Links to an external site.)


Before conducting a meeting with a child’s parent, it’s important to be well organized and prepared to talk about all that is concerning their child and leaving nothing out. I would make a list of the things I wish to talk about so that when the time comes, I can go down the list and talk about each problem individually instead of trying to remember straight from the top of my head. 

The three strategies I would use during the conference would be straightforward, try to encourage their participation in helping to correct the problem and remain supportive and polite when speaking to them. Telling parents about their child’s behavior is not always an easy task and I would like them to feel as if we are all having a friendly discussion instead of me nagging about their child negatively. 

Not all problems come from the parents fault of how they raise their child at home, but they are responsible for handling and correcting their problems along with teaching them right from wrong and how to behave in the classroom. They are also responsible for the examples they set and actions they teach is acceptable in the outside world. I would try to introduce the ABC chart on how I am handling their child’s current situation and how the progress is going before explaining a parent and child interview may be needed if their behavior doesn’t improve. Some factors that could be causing these problems would be the classroom environment and their own social acceptance such as wanting to fit in with others or have a difficulty being seated near another student who may be causing them to act out.

Respond to at least two of your classmates


Cultural diversity

In the medial field we have something called the code of ethics just like any job and we have to adhere to it. We have our employee hand book and the hospital hand book that we have to follow. Not all offices have to adhere to it but the office that I work at does. Which means that all of us as employees need to adhere to it each and every day. 

I work in the medical field and quite a few of my patients are addicted to pills or drugs. My work makes sure that we treat these addicts the same as all the other patients. Sometimes they can be extra hard to deal with as they call us names, curse at us, throw things at us and lastly call all day long not remembering that they already called and for the same thing but each time they get ruder and ruder. We defiantly have to treat everyone as we would want to be treated. We all could easily just go off on them or treat them differently but we are not allowed to for one and another we are not allowed to judge a book by a cover. But we do need to remember that the way that we treat others puts a reflection on our own selves.

Secondly we are not allowed to have other people go in the room with the doctor and patient unless the patient says that it is ok and signs a form. And, we cannot speak to people who call on behave of the patients unless we have their information on file from the patient. This would be a breach of contract and a huge HIPPA violation. Some people I want to talk to but I cannot due to getting into trouble but when a patient is drugged up and does not comprehend us then we do need to have someone that is sober to speak to and let them know what is going on.


Cultural Diversity

In my profession, DHHS Social Services – Medicaid, I am privy to access to a plethora of information. It is critical that all information among the agency is shared, yet it is also crucial that the information remain confidential. In the sharing of information, it is essential for the betterment and eligibility of the client and overall household composition, consisting of a multitude of dynamics. At the same time, defamation can occur if confidentiality fails. Even within the agency, we must only share what is deemed pertinent and imminent to the case. The records are inclusive of but not limited to CIS; SSA; IRS; CSE; Vital Statistics; Federal and State Judicial systems; and more. Integrity is a must. A sense of dignity for the community is necessary, especially since Nebraska is a highly rural state with diversified metropolitan regions such as Omaha and Lincoln.

Additionally, we must foster a compassionate and sympathetic approach. It is instrumental in remaining non-prejudice and non-judgmental for the family constructs in need. Each case must adhere to the federal and state regulations while treated in moral and ethical reasoning. From asylum and refugees to blended families and children with multiple parents, language barriers, educational achievement, assets, credit, and types of employment as an SSW FPL standards must be reviewed, verified, and entered to accurately, legally, and effectively serve the client and their household. There have been cases that I am in awe or disconcerted by the information from some instances, especially ones of blatant neglect and heinous abuse. In such instances, I must remain composed and open-minded to best implement services.

Often an opinion is tossed out regarding immigrants (illegal) receiving benefits, or racial and ethnic discrimination of “living off the system.” There are also strong perspectives about the “lazy” or unemployed. Another common label is “dead beat Dads.” When these biases are spewed, while the words may account for some of the population we serve, the slurs certainly do not account for many. In some cases, people simply need a helping hand and the programs serve as that. Of course there are situations in which the system becomes a life line and the longevity is abused. Either way, it is the place of the fraud and sanctioning departments to investigate the issues. If however, the client is deceptive or the caseloads overwhelm the population of workers, (both of which are relevant) the task of controlling misuse of federal and state programs becomes tedious.

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