60 Unique Narrative Essay Topics and the Best Tips for Narrative Essay Writing

Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is a story about a series of events, interactions, and experiences. Narrative essay writing focuses on a sequence of events to tell a story. Unlike a descriptive essay, which has a vague or no plot, this kind of paper always has a vivid plot.

Here we will show you a list of topics, prompts, and tips for narrative essay writing.

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1.Storytelling Essay Topics

The art of storytelling is all about narrating a factual or fictional story. Here are the storytelling essay topics:

1.A narrative essay where a farmer grows strange crops

2.An airplane pilot encounters a UFO

3.Write a story about a family with unusual tendencies

4. A university student who won the presidential elections

5.Decribe an apocalyptic story

6.Write a narrative story about a teenager who saves the country from mass-produced poisoned foods

7.A fictional story about an alien civilization in another galaxy

8.A tycoon who sends a lot of money to poor people

9.Compose a story about an orphan who finds out about their family inheritance

10.Fictional narrative where a young boy discovers his superpowers

2.Narrative Essay Topics about Relationships

You can write a story about the connections between people, including your family, friends, or loved ones. Take a look at these narrative relationship topics for your essay:

11.What is it like to be in love?

12.Talk about how hatred can ruin relationships among couples

13.Compose an essay about married couples being honest with each other

14.Decribe the pain of ending a relationship

15.A narrative story where someone makes a sacrifice for the sake of his family

16.Write about the relationship patterns you see in your family

17.Tell a story about unfulfilled expectations in a relationship

18.A story about food connecting people

19.Childern learning empathy from their parents

20.Talk about a family that maintains a healthy and loving relationship no matter what

3.Childhood Narrative Essay Topics

This kind of essay involves sharing memories and events from the time you were a little child. You can ask your family members to tell you some events from your childhood if you can’t recall them.

21.A story about how you got your nickname

22.Talk about the first valuable lesson you learned as a kid

23.What was your favorite childhood  sports memory

24.Share your story about a family holiday that you will remember forever

25.Talk about your favorite foods in the early years

26.What was it like to break anything in your family?

27.What was your favorite pet?

28.Challeges you had to overcome as a child

29.The friends you had in childhood

30.What were your childhood talents?

4.Essay Narrative Topics about School

31.Decribe your first day at high school

32.What was your favorite thing you did during a winter break?

33.Tell your reader about a fun memory with your friend

34.Talk about your favorite school subject

35.How did you interact with your high school friends?

36.Narrate a story about your unusual day at school

37.Compose a topic about a memorable event at the cafeteria

38.Talk about the day you got in trouble with your principal

39.Have you ever got in a physical fight with a friend

40.Talk about the serious conversation you had with your parents about your academic performances

5.Excellent Narrative Essay Topics about Travelling

Here, show your readers what it is like to travel and explore the world.

41.How to prepare for a trip to a foreign country?

42.A short narrative about traveling with family on holidays

43.Talk about eating un rare foods across the globe

44.A week-long road trip

45.Share your experience with the reader about traveling to your dream location

46.Decribe a trip to Singapore airport’s tourism arena

47.Talk about an out-of-state road trip

48.Tell a story of what it’s like to get lost in a foreign country

49.Share your experience about the most breathtaking view you have ever seen

50.Your first time traveling to another country

6.Personal Narrative Essay Topics

In this kind of essay, write your experience in the first person. Include your thoughts and emotions and describe the details of your narrative

Some of the topic ideas include:

51.Talk about something you did against your mum’s will

52.What was the best birthday party you had?

53.Narrate a story of one time when you regretted doing something

54.Narrate a story of a specific embarrassing situation you went through

55.Share your experience of the best birthday party, you have ever had

56.The most memorable adventure in your life

57.An unfortunate situation that had a good ending

58.Talk about the imaginary world you have created as a child

59.Recall the person who gave you the most valuable lesson in your life

60.Share with your reader a memorable conversation with someone

Tips and a Simple Guide for Narrative Essay Writing

Here are a few ideas to remember when writing a narrative essay:

Tip 1: Be clear and concise. In your essay, stick to your story’s main idea and make sure the characters or details are relevant to the story you are telling.

Tip 2: Choose the right words. Careful use of words and language can help you create a story worth reading.

Tip 3: Try to recall everything about the event and use it as a basis for your paper.

This step-by-step guide will help you outline an on-point narrative essay:

  1. Introduction. In the opening paragraph, make a clear thesis that describes the objective of your essay narrative.

 Example: In this essay, I want to share a story about how I got my nickname.

  1. In this section, talk about the plot with conflict, climax, and conclusion. Make sure to introduce the settings and characters well.
  2. Conclusion. Here, end your narrative logically. To write a perfect conclusion, expand on the thesis statement.

Example: Interacting with my friends taught me the true meaning of friendship, and I am grateful for it.

We hope this article will help you to write your narrative essay. Good luck with your writing!

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