Abusive Father

Chapter For The Abusive Father 1- Mom Leaving Family- 7. 5 pages 2- Hits Monique- 9 pages 3- Realize Bruises- 7. 5 pages (Note: 4 and over need more pages ASAP. ) 4- Didn’t Come To School- 4 pages 5- “Daddy please stop! ”- 2. 5 pages 6- No More From Him- 2 pages 7- “I won’t do it anymore, I promise. ” 2. 5 pages 8- Lie Happens Again- 2 pages 9- “I’m scared to tell him no. ”- 2. 5 pages 10- Stop or Cops- 6 pages 11- Dying- 3 pages 12- Secret- 7. 5 pages 13- Sister Visit- 14- “I can’t stop. ” 15- NEXT STOP, HOSPITAL 16- Lie & Believe It 17- “Why me? ” 18- Monique’s Death/”I forgive you. ” 19- The Future
Chapter 1: Mom Leaving Family Monique and Jessica were sleeping until they heard their parents arguing in the living room. Jessica got up out of bed and walked to her sister’s bed scared. She started to wake her up. Paulella woke up and looked at her sister being tired. “Jessica you okay? ” Paulella asked her. Jessica nodded no and wiped her tears off with her hands. Paulella wiped her eyes. “What’s wrong? Why did you wake me up this early sis? ” Paulella asked. “Mommy and daddy are fighting. ” Jessica told her while pointing at the door. Paulella looked at the door confused while hearing them arguing.
Paulella got up out of bed while they both hold hands walking to the door. The opened up the door a little bit for both of them to see what was going on. “I don’t have anything to say to you. You turned into a nightmare that I didn’t expect. ” Christina said being ashamed of him. “You turned into a know it all girl that I don’t like. ” Antonio diss back at her. “I’m a know it all girl Tony? Christina asked while pointing her finger at her chest. “You heard me. ” Antonio answered quickly. “No say it again then. If you’re not scared. I’m a know it all? ” Christina asked him again demanding him for an answer. Technically, yeah you are. ” Tony got back at her with. “How am I acting like that? ” Christina wanted to know. “You think what I do is not good for the family. And everything you do is. Well guess what, it’s not true. ” Tony told her getting angry. “The only reason why I said that is because you barely get to spend time with your wife and kids. ” Christina said getting frustrated. “I do see my kids when they need me. I get money. That’s why I bought this house for my family. ” Antonio responded. “You act like I don’t do anything in this house. I do work in the ER. So we both bought this house, together. ” Christina said. I can’t take this no more, I’m leaving. ” Antonio told her getting angry. But Christina grabbed his arm and he looked at her funny. “You’re not going anywhere. We need you. You can’t just walk out on us. If you do, then you’re not a real man. ” Christina told him upset. “Get your damn hands off me. Don’t ever touch me like-. ” Antonio yelled while getting her arm off him but he was interrupted. They both looked at their kids. Tears were running down Jessica’s and Paulella’s eyes. Their father walked up to them and kneed down to them. He wiped their tears off with his hand while trying to have them stop crying calmly. Please don’t cry. Y’all are my beautiful babies. Some parents have to go through these things like this. That’s how marriages are sometimes. ” Antonio tried talking to them like he cared about his kids. “Are you going to leave us? ” Jessica asked her father. “Daddy might have to leave for a while so things can get better. ” Their father revealed to them. “Will you come back? ” Paulella asked him. He looked at her and Jessica. Then looked at their hands and kiss them, and hold them tightly. He looked back up at them. “Yes. I will never leave my kids behind. That’s a promise from me to you both. Tony told them and gave them a kiss on their forehead. “You don’t have to lie to the girls for them to get happy. ” Christina said getting mad at him for lying. Antonio got so frustrated that he put the girls back in the room and shut the door behind him. “Why you can’t just shut up for once? I was having a good conversation with the kids until you ruined it. And I didn‘t lie. ” Antonio told her mad. “Yes you did. ” Christina told him “No I didn’t. ” Antonio responded knowing that he didn’t lie. “You’re a liar. ” Christina came at him with. “Don’t start with me. ” Antonio warned her. “That’s what you are to me. Christina said with a serious face on her. “Alright then. I’m a liar. You right about that. ” He responded with a smile. “It’s sad that your kids have to know sooner or later. ” Christina told him disappointed with her arms folded. Tony was sitting on his living room couch looking at her. “You know what, you can say anything bad about me and it won’t hurt me. But,” Tony got up and walked up to her while she was getting scared about what he might do to her looking at each other. “I will get some respect in my house. If my children have to, so will you. ” Tony told her. “I am your wife. Not a crack head from the streets. Christina told him upset. “Oh well get over it. ” Antonio responded sounding careless about it. “How are we suppose to have a marriage and you’re treating me like a slave? ” Christina asked him so he can stop sounding like she was going to cry. He shrugged. “I don’t know figure it out since you a know it all. ” Antonio responded like he didn’t care. “I can’t take this any more. I’m leaving you. ” Christina said while trying to walk away. Tony got a hold of her arm so she won’t leave him. “You’re not leaving since I can’t leave either. ” Tony responded making sure she won’t leave. Then he let her go. It’s a sad shame that I get married to a dummy like you. Other guys have wanted me from the start and I had to pick you. ” Christina said feeling stupid. “Same here but with females. At least they’ll give me better sex in the bed than you. ” Tony diss her with a smile knowing that he won the battle. Christina looked at him shocked of what he said. Had her mouth round like an O. Then she closed it. Nodded her head no. “This is, too much for me. I have to leave from you. And I’m taking the kids. ” Christina told him while trying to walk to the kids’ bedroom. “You’re not taking the kids. ” Tony told her getting frustrated. What you just say? ” Christina asked while turning around to look at him. “You heard me,” Tony said while walking up to Christina getting all up in her face. She was starting to get worried of what he might do. “You’re not taking my girls. ” Tony responded. “They’re my girls too. You can’t take them away from me. ” Christina yelled at him. “You’re the one that wants to leave me and my girls behind. So you can’t have them. Not now, not ever. ” Tony told her in her face. Christina got so angry that she smacked him in the face. “I will do whatever it takes to keep my children and bring them with me. ” Christina demanded.

Then she walked upstairs to go the kids’ bedroom. Antonio followed her and grabbed her by the arm and pushed her to the ground. He kneed down by her and started punching her. Christina kneed him in the balls and fell off of her in pain. While she crawled to her daughter’s bedroom door, she tried reaching for the doorknob but Antonio got up and grabbed her leg and pulled her back to him. Antonio stood up and took off his belt. “When you don’t do things that I say, this is the consequences. ” Antonio told her getting angry. “Please don’t do this Tony. ” Christina cried out while he was getting a tight grip on the belt and let go of her foot.
Tony started wouping his wife while she cried out in pain for help. Begging him to stop. He kept doing it. She was bleeding and dragged herself to the door closer by her arms. But Antonio turned her around and got on top of her while covering her mouth. “Don’t you dare say a word and try to do something girl. ” Antonio warned her. He unzipped his pants and pulled it down and he took off her underwear and starts to rape her. She was crying while it happened. After he was done, he zipped up his pants and got off of her. He stood up looking down at Christina panting. “Now you will do as I say. Won’t you? Antonio asked her. No response from her and he walked to his bedroom and went to sleep, while Christina was still on the ground staring out in space. A while later, Paulella and Jessica was sleeping until their mom opened their door and walked to the bed, waking up Jessica and Paulella. “Sweetie? Girls wake up. I got to talk to you, it’s really important. Please get up for me. ” Christina said. Paulella got up and looked at mom. So did Jessica. “Mom what’s going on? ” Paulella asked wiping her eyes so she won’t be sleepy. “We’re going to be leaving daddy for a while until he gets better. ” Christina told them. What’s happening? ” Jessica asked her mom scared. “Your dad is starting to hit on me. And if he gets use to it then he’s going to start hitting on you guys. I don’t want that to happen to my girls. ” Christina told them frightened about it. “Don’t worry about it mom. He won’t do that to us. Okay? ” Paulella asked her to have her mom not become scared about it. “Okay sweetie I love you both. ” Christina told them wiping her tears. “Love you too mom. ” Paulella responded. “Me too. ” Jessica responded. Until their dad came in the room and snatched Christina by the arm. “I told you before you are not taking my kids. Antonio told her getting angry at her for not following the rules. “Let me go Tony! I can take them if I want to. ” Christina cried out so he can let her go. “Daddy please let her go. I don’t want you guys fighting. ” Paulella begged her dad to let her mom go while getting out of bed. “Paulella please don’t start, I don’t want you in this. I love you too much for you to do that. Stay out of this. ” Tony warned his daughter. He looked at his wife. “And you haven’t learnt your lesson yet. Huh? ” Tony asked her getting a tighter grip on her arm. She was in pain and worried that she might get beaten in front of her kids. So you gonna beat me in front of our kids? ” Christina asked him having tears run down her cheeks scared. They both look at their kids. Antonio looked back at Christina because he didn’t care. “I’m a beat you, but not in front of the kids. They don’t need to witness the hell I’m about tot do to you. ” Tony responded. “Don’t do this-. ” Christina cried out but he interrupted her. “Shut up! I don’t want to hear it. Accept the consequences. ” Antonio told her. He started dragging her while she was crying out for him to stop. Paulella quickly ran to them and stopped them. “Daddy please, don’t hurt mommy. We can’t take it anymore. Paulella cried out. “You will understand someday Paulella trust me. ” Antonio tried telling her so she can let go of them. He kept dragging her but Paulella was trying to take his hands off her mom, while Christina was crying so was Paulella. Antonio was yelling at Paulella to let go and he pushed her back in her room and her sister started crying and ran to her. “Stay in your room Paulella. I’m not going to repeat myself. ” Antonio demanded. He slammed the door shut and dragged his wife to their bedroom and slammed the door. He started to beat on her while she was crying out for help and begging him to stop.
Then she started to scream. Paulella and Jessica hold each other tight in their arms while crying. Time passed by and Paulella was playing holla hoop with Jessica. Jessica stopped and walked to her to see if she was okay. “Paulella you still upset about what happened to you this morning? ” Jessica asked her. “Yeah. I was just trying to help. He didn’t have to push me. ” Paulella responded. “I’m worried that dad might start hitting on us. ” Jessica told her. “Don’t say that. Don’t you ever say that again. You hear me? ” Paulella told her while she gave her sister a hug not to do it again. “I’m sorry Paulella. Jessica told her sister. “It’s okay. ” Paulella responded. Paulella hold her sister close until they heard breaking dishes and arguing from their parents. Christina and Antonio started walking outside to their kids. “I can’t be in this house another day until you stop hitting on me. ” Christina yelled at him. “Fine then you stupid hoe. Get the hell out of my house and don’t come back either. ” Antonio yelled back at her. He saw that she was trying to take the girls and grabbed her arm while she was trying to get away from him. Jessica was crying while walking to her and mom and dad begging him to stop.
He was hitting on his wife. “Daddy stop hitting on mommy. ” Jessica cried out. Jessica walked closer until Antonio accidentally hit Jessica with his elbow trying to hit Christina. He looked back at her and she was bleeding from her nose. Tony kneed down by her and wrapped his arms around while having tears running down his face feeling guilty. “Jessica I’m so sorry. Please forgive me sweetheart. ” Tony said sounding guilty. Christina got Jessica away from him and put her in the car. Then Christina walked back in the house while Tony followed her trying to have them stay. Christina and Tony were in their room packing her things.
Walking back and fourth from the dresser to her suitcase with clothes in her hands packing them in her suitcase. “Christina I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hit her. ” Tony confessed. “Shut up, I don’t want to hear it. ” Christina yelled at him. “Just stay I can’t live without you. ” Tony confessed. “But you can’t love me without hitting on me can you? ” Christina got at him with giving him the look like she wants an answer. “It’s like that? ” Tony asked her. “Yeah. ” Christina said with an attitude. “I’m telling you the truth I didn’t mean to hit my daughter. ” Tony told her. “How? ” Christina wanted to know. She was in my way trying to stop me. ” Tony told her with his arms out looking like he was telling the truth. “She was trying to help her mom get away from you beating on me. ” Christina yelled at him. Christina walked to her kids’ bedroom and packed all of Jessica’s things. Tony followed her. “I won’t do it again. ” Tony tried telling her. “You’re a liar. ” Christina called him out. “I’m not lying to you. ” Tony told her sounding like he was inasant. Christina got her things and Jessica things and put them in the car. Then she walked back in put her jacket and purse on in the living room and looked at Tony. Don’t leave me please. ” Tony begged his wife by walking up to her and getting a hold of her arms with his hands. But she pushed them off and pushed him away from her. “It’s too late Tony. ” Christina told him upset. “I’ll do anything for you and Jessica to stay. ” Tony tried telling her but she wouldn’t fall for it. “You should’ve thought about that before you started hitting on me. ” Christina said. Then she went to the kitchen and got a piece of paper towel and wiped the blood off her face. Looked at her husband. “What’s the use of me staying? It’s not like you’re going to change for me and the kids. ” Christina responded. Yes I can. ” Tony said. “How? ” Christina asked with a serious look on her face. Having one hand on her hip and all the weight on her left leg. “In a lot of ways. ” Tony said while walking up to her. “Look into my eyes and tell me you will. ” Christina demanded. “I can’t do that. ” Tony told her with so much guilt in his heart. “Why not? ” Christina asked looking confused at him. “You won’t believe me. ” Tony tried telling her. “How do you know if I will or not? ” Christina asked. “I know you Christina. You’re my wife. ” Tony said with a blank face. “Not anymore. I’m filling for a divorce Tony. ” Christina told him.
Tony got so angry that he banged his fist against the cabinet while looked at somewhere else in the house. Then looked back at her when he was done. “How you going to do this to me? I love you really much. That’s why I married you. ” Tony cried out wanting her back. “Like I’m supposed to believe that. ” Christina told him. “Just give me a chance please baby. ” Tony begged her. “You know what I made a lot of mistakes in my life. But this is the worst one I ever made. ” Christina tells him. Tony could do nothing but just look at her in guiltiness. Jessica was outside with Paulella wiping off the blood off her face with a small face towel. I’m sorry all this happened. ” Jessica told her feeling sorry about the whole situation. “I was just trying to help mom get away from daddy. ” Jessica said confessing. “You did the right thing too. I should’ve been the one to get hit instead of you. ” Paulella tried telling her. “It’s okay Paulella. You care about mom just as much as I do. ” Jessica said to help her sister feel less guilty. “Are you going to be okay? ” Paulella asked changing the subject. “Yeah I’ll be fine with this. ” Jessica responded getting done with wiping the blood off her face. They both laughed. “Just remember I love you. Paulella told her showing her love. “Love you too sis. ” Jessica responded. Paulella gave her sister a hug showing her that she cares about her. “I can’t support you. Not even this marriage. ” Christina told him shrugging her shoulders. “What tough love. ” “Tough love? You gave me abusive love. ” “I can’t fight back? ” “You’re not supposed to hit a woman. ” “You hit me first. ” “It’s a major difference. ” “Fine then Nina just leave. ” “I’m a go. But if you lay one hand on my daughter while I’m gone with Jessica. I promise you going to wish you were in hell yourself when I get through with you. Christina told him upset getting all up in his face pointing her finger in his face. “We’ll see about that. ” “You won’t change at all. You the hell that came from the devil himself. ” Christina told him. She opened the front door and walked out and kneed down in front of Paulella by the car. “Paulella, we’re going to be leaving for a while. But I promise I will come back for you. ” Christina told her sounding like she wanted her daughter to understand what she was telling her. Paulella took a deep breath. “Okay mom. ” Paulella responded understanding what her mom had to do. “I love you. ” Christina said wanting her daughter to smile. I love you too. ” Paulella said while she smiled. “Don’t forget to get me. I don’t want to be left here all by myself. ” Paulella said about to cry. “I promise I won’t. ” She gave her daughter a kiss. Christina gave her a hug while Paulella’s smile went to a frown because she knew her mom was not going got come back for her. Then her mom got in the car and her and Jessica closed their door. Her mom was pulling out of the driveway until she looked at Paulella and blows her a kiss. Paulella caught it and then waved at her sister while her mom drove off until she couldn’t see them anymore. Tears ran down her face and she wiped them.
She walked in the house and closed the front door. Saw her father cleaning up the mess they made in the house. “Daddy is you okay? ” Paulella asked. “No, I’m not sweetie. ” Tony responded. He wiped his tears and finished cleaning. Until he saw that Paulella was helping him and he was surprised. “Paulella you don’t have to help me. You know that, right? ” Tony told her so she know and not think she’s taken advantage. But Paulella didn’t think that and smiled at her dad. He looked at her. “It’s fine dad. You had a stressful dad. Well, we both did. I’m suppose to help you. You’re my dad and I’m the daughter. And I love you. Paulella told him smiling sounding that she said it from the heart and meant it. Tony smiled and gave her a kiss on the forehead. They finished cleaning up the house. They watched a movie laughing. Ate dinner together talking about things. Prayed together. Paulella was upstairs in her room getting ready to sleep. Her dad was in there getting her tucked in. She looked at him smiling. “Okay dad I love you. ” Paulella wanted to tell him. “Love you too. Sweet dreams baby girl. ” Tony responded smiling at her. “Dad? ” Paulella asked getting his attention. “Yes sweetie? ” Tony asked wanting to know what she wanted. “Will mom come back for us? Paulella asked hoping for an answer. “I don’t know baby. We’ll find out one day. ” Tony responded with a good answer. “Just wondering. ” Paulella told him getting sleepy. She yawned. He knew that was her time to go to sleep. “Uh oh you know what that means. ” Tony told her making sure she was tucked in. “Yep. That means bedtime. ” Paulella said sounding happy. “That’s right. ” Tony responded. He walked to the switches by the door and looked at his daughter that he only had in the house with him. “Paulella,” Tony told her wanting to tell her something real quick. “Yes dad? ” Paulella tried to figure see what he wanted to say. Always remember that I love you okay? ” “I know that. I want you to know that I love you too. ” Paulella responded. “Goodnight. ” Tony said with a smile for the answer that her daughter gave him. “Goodnight. ” Paulella told him. Tony turned off the lights and closed the door while she was sleeping. Then he went to bed himself. Chapter 2: Hits Paulella 4 years later, Paulella turns 16 years old. Paulella was outside waiting for her friends to come to school. Then she went inside to get her things from her locker. Until Tracey walked up to her upset. “I thought I told you to wait for me. ” Tracey told her trying to figure out what happened. 15 minutes wasn’t enough. I’ll try to work on it. Not going to happen. ” Paulella said then gave her friend a smile. “You cold girl. ” Tracey said laughing. Paulella looked her picture of her, her mom, dad, and sister Jessica. She kissed her two fingers and put it on Jessica and her mom Christina. Then she closed her locker feeling down about it. “Don’t worry about it P. They’ll come back for you. ” Tracey said trying to give her joy. “No they won’t. ” Paulella said sounding sad because she knew the truth. “How do you know? ” Tracey asked her getting tired of her bringing herself down and lying about it. It’s been years since they said that. That’s how I know. ” Paulella responded. “So. ” Tracey told her sounding like she didn’t care how long it was. “So? They shouldn’t leave me behind if they weren’t going to come back for me. ” Paulella told her friend knowing that they’re coming back for her in a long time. “Girl stop trippen. It’ll be alright okay? ” Tracey said having her arm around her shoulders trying to give her some joy. Then she gave her a hug. Making sure she was okay. Paulella nodded until the bell rang and they both went to class. Mrs. Stone was sitting on her desk in front of the class. “Good mourning class.
Today we are going to be talking about the Constitution. Does anybody know about it? ” Mrs. Stone asked her class. People raised their hand. Paulella was one of them. Mrs. Stone picked on Paulella. “Yes Paulella. ” Mrs. Stone called on her. Everyone else put their hands down. “It was mostly a freedom document. Wanting the US to change and become nice to other countries and ourselves. There was the Preamble, the 6 goals for the country. I mean there were a lot of things that worked to make what our country is today. ” Paulella responded with a powerful answer. “Very good Paulella. Anybody else? ” Mrs. Stone was impressed with her answer.
Looking for someone else to call on. A while girl name Stacey raised her hand and Mrs. Stone picked on her. Stacey put her hand down. “The Constitution was nothing but a waste. I agree with the Anti-Federalists. They were right about not having the Constitution. It was a help for the black people to have more freedom. That’s why they came with the 3/5 Compromise. ” Stacey told Mrs. Stone her answer. “It was never for black folks. Emmett Till, Rosa Parks, M. L. King, the Scottsboro Boys and all the other Civil Rights Leaders is what changed you white folks to start becoming nice to us in the first place.
And they helped us to have us black people have freedom. So don’t try to start with this racial crap. ” Paulella got back at her with. People clapped their hands and whistled for her. “What a nigga. ” Stacey said to Paulella sounding like she didn’t care. “What you say? ” Paulella asked her looking at her with a serious look wanting her to say something stupid. Getting all up in her face and tightening up her fist. “You heard me. You are a nigga. So is every other black person in this class. There I said it. Now what you going to do? ” Stacey asked trying to have Paulella get more depressed. Oh shit. ” Mrs. Stone said to herself because she knew what Paulella was going to do and once she does it no one can’t stop her. Paulella punched her and got into a fight while people were making noises and side comments about it while they fought. All of a sudden, she was sitting in the principle’s office talking to Principle Lee. He closed his office door, sat at his desk and looked at Paulella in a disappointment. “How many times do I have to tell you to ignore ignorant folks like Stacey? ” Principle Lee asked her. “Millions of times I know but I can’t help it. That was too much for her to say.
Trust me if you were in my shoes, you would’ve done the same thing that I did. ” Paulella tried telling him. “Fine then. I’m giving you a warning. Detention for 3 days. Stacey will have I. S. S. for a week. ” Principle Lee looked to see if anybody was looking or listening then he look at Paulella. “I’m letting you slide easily. So don’t push it. ” Paulella got up and look at him. “My pleasure Mr. Lee. ” Paulella sounding sassy. Gave him a wink and walked out of his office with a smile. Paulella’s friends waited for her by the office and Paulella had walked up to them smiling. “Girl what did Principle Lee tell you? Carla asked her. “I hope you you’re not suspended. ” Tracey said sounding upset. “If you are and she not I will cut them. ” Tracey said sounding crazy. “Even if I was and she wasn’t you wasn’t going to cut a damn thang. ” Paulella told her looking like she was all that and she knew her friend wasn’t going to do anything. “And calm down Left Eye, I’m not suspended. ” Paulella told her so she can calm down. “I was about to say, get Tupac up in here. ” Tracey said relieved about it. Done acting crazy. They all laughed. “I got a detention for 3 days and Stacey has I. S. S. for a week. ” Paulella told them. That’s good enough. ” Carla told them. “Yeah I know. ” Paulella responded. They all went to their next class. School was over and Paulella was about to get on the bus. Until she heard a horn honk and it was her dad. Paulella walked to his car. “Hey dad. ” Paulella said pretending like nothing happened in school today. “Don’t hi me Paulella. ” Tony said to her sounding mad and smoking a cigarette. “What did I do? ” Paulella asked sounding inasant. “You know damn well what you did. ” Tony told her sounding angry. “It’s not that big of a deal. ” Paulella tried telling him so he can stop yelling at her. “Get in the car. Tony told her sounding like he didn’t want to hear her mouth because she was going to get in trouble at home. Paulella walked to the passenger door and got in the car and closed the door. Looking frustrated. “When we get home, you about to get it. ” Tony tells her so she knows what’s about to go down at home. He drove off while Britney and Tracey watched them leaving the school to home. Tony and Paulella walked in the house and closed the door. He grabbed her by the arm. “Dad get your hands off me. ” Paulella yelled out at him trying to get away from him. “No. You really stupid for beating up a girl over a stupid racial comment. Tony said getting frustrated at her looking at her mean. “I had to. I couldn’t take it. ” Paulella told him. “Ignore it stupid. ” Tony told her knowing she sounding dumb to him. “You better get your hands off me. ” Paulella tried warning him with. “Or what? ” Tony asked her knowing that she won’t do anything. Paulella smacked him and ran upstairs to her bedroom and locked it. Tony tried opening the door while banging on the door. “Open this door. Open this door Paulella I’m not playing with you. ” Tony yelled scaring her so she can open it getting serious. “Go away dad before I get the cops. Monique screamed out so he can leave her alone. He banged the door even harder. Paulella screamed out scared. “What the cops going to do with me? ” Tony asked getting a temper. “I’m a call mom and she going to get more than the cops on you. ” Paulella yelled out at him. Tony was done trying to open the door. “Alright then. I see how it is. ” Tony said while getting away from the door. “It not over. You going to regret it when you a step a foot out that bedroom. Don’t even think about coming out. ” Tony said then he went to his room and closed the door to go to sleep. Paulella was relieved while panting, and slid down her against her door.
Then her cell phone rang and it was her friend Tracey. She answered it “Hey girl. What’s popping? ” Paulella asked then she panted. “Are you okay? You pant a lot. What happened before I called? ” Tracey asked sounding worried about her. “We’ll talk later about it. It was tragic though. ” Paulella responded and then took a deep breath and was done panting a lot. “Oh well you remember Emily Smith? ” Tracey asked her. “Didn’t her house get set on fire last summer? And I though she was dead? ” Paulella asked her sounding confused. “Naw girl she’s not dead. She was in a coma. Emily told a lot of people that she came back from the dead.
But I think she was never dead at all. But anyways, she’s having a party and Emily invited us. I was wondering if you wanted to come to my house. Britney coming over too. So what do you say? ” Tracey asked her hoping she say yes and come over. Having her fingers crossed. “Fine then. I’ll be over there. ” Paulella responded. “Yes! I knew you would say yes. ” Tracey said happy and excited. “Yeah yeah whatever. ” Paulella said about to hang up. Then she rolled her eyes. “Oh, do you want an outfit or are you going to bring your own? ” Tracey asked just to make sure. “It doesn’t matter. ” Paulella told her sounding like she didn’t care. I’ll take that as a yes. See you in a little bit. ” Tracey said before she hung up. “Alright then. Bye! ” Paulella said pretending to be excited. They both hung up and Paulella was nervous on how she was going to leave the house. Paulella looked up at the ceiling talking to God. “Lord, bless me to sneak out the house for once. So I can get away from my dad. And bless me to have a great time at the party. Amen. ” Paulella prayed. She closed her eyes and opened it back up. She got ready and had her purse hanging off her arm. Paulella got nervous about leaving and started walking to the door slowly.
Slowly opened the door and fit her head through the crack and looked at her father’s door. It was still closed and silent in his bedroom. She exhaled her nervous out. Started to tip toe downstairs to the front door until she heard noise from upstairs. But it was nothing, she open the front door and quickly got out the house and shut the door. Paulella was happy and looked up at God. “Thank you Lord I owe you. ” Paulella told him. Paulella started making her way to her house until her dad was in the living room looking out the window looking at Paulella walking to her friend’s house. When she come home, I’m a give her so much hell that God going to have to take me out this world and bring me there himself. ” Tony told himself and went back to sleep. Paulella got to her friend’s house and rang her doorbell. Her friend opened it and let her in. They both walked to her bedroom. Picking outfits for the party. “So please tell me what happened with your father. ” Tracey said wondering what happened. “My dad found out that I got detention and I slap him. Even though he had the right to discipline me but he was going too far. I had to do something about it. And he told me not to come out of my room. So I snuck out. Paulella confessed to her. “Why didn’t you tell me that you snuck out? I would’ve told you to stay home. ” Tracey told her sounding shocked about it. “He was going to beat me even more. I had to leave. I knew I should’ve stayed home but I had to leave. When I come back I’m going to get some worst hell from him. Damn, why did I do that? ” Monique felt stupid and sounded guilty. Tracey smacked her lip and sat next to her on the edge of her bed. She put her arm around her. “It’s okay girl. Next time don’t do that again. I don’t want you getting in trouble like that. Just be honest with me and he’ll understand okay? Tracey told her sounding like she forgave her already and wanted to have fun. Paulella nodded and gave her friend a hug. Tracey got ready for the party. Paulella, Tracey, and Britney were walking to Emily’s house and there were a lot of people at her house. They walked in and saw Emily. Emily walked up to them exited. “Hey girls! I’m glad you made it. So you guys having fun? ” Emily asked super happy. “We just got here. So I hope it is fun. ” Tracey told her. “Oh my bad sister. I mean, Tracey. ” Emily told her. “Stop trying to act black white girl. ” Tracey told her with an attitude. Emily looked at her pretending she didn’t hear that. Well you guys have fun now. I’ll talk to you later. ” Emily said then she walked off. Paulella and Britney looked her at disappointment. “Girl why did you have to say that? And she invited you? You need to say sorry to her because that wasn’t right. ” Paulella told her. “She’s just showing off because people feel sorry for her. And that wasn’t her before her house got set on fire. Now she wants to act black. ” Tracey told them with an attitude. “It doesn’t matter just leave her alone. And so what if she acts black let her be. It’s good that white folks want to act like us so we can have more peace. ” Britney responded back upset at her. Let’s go get something to drink. ” Paulella told Britney. They both walked away from Tracey to the kitchen so they can get a drink. Paulella saw a boy looking at her and checking her out. Paulella was blushing. He waved at her and she waved back until she walked back to the dance floor. But the guy cut her off and smiled at her. Paulella was nervous and didn’t know what to do. Emily and Britney were watching them. So was Tracey. “Hey. ” The boy told her nicely. “Hey. ” Paulella responded sounding nervous. “How you doing? ” The boy asked her making sure she was okay. “Good. How about you? ” Paulella asked. “Cool.
Hanging out with my home boys. ” He responded. “That’s good. ” Paulella said and swallowed real hard. He realized that she was nervous. “Are you okay? I can tell you nervous. ” He asked her with a smile. “Yeah I am. You just so fine. ” Paulella confessed to him. “Thanks, so are you. ” He said while he holds her hand. She looked at their hands holding together and then back at him. He smiled. “Um, do you want to dance with me? ” He asked her. “Yeah let’s do that. ” Paulella responded. He laughed and started dancing with her. “By the way my name is Anthony. ” Anthony told her. “Paulella. Nice to meet you. ” Paulella told him. You too. ” Anthony responded and they kept dancing. A while later, the party was over and everybody went home. Paulella, Tracey, and Britney were waiting outside hanging outside with each other. They were talking about the party until Anthony walked up to them. “Hey girls. ” Anthony told them with a smile on his face. “Hey. Oh, were you looking for your girlfriend Paulella? ” Tracey asked while she, Britney and Anthony looked at her. “Shut up Tracey. ” Paulella told her and rolled her eyes at her while the laughed. Then she smiled at Anthony. “Hey Anthony. ” Paulella told him sounding happy to see him. “Hey Paulella. Anthony responded. “We going to leave y’all two alone and we’ll talk tomorrow about everything. ” Britney said while she gave her a hug. So did Tracey and they both look at Anthony. “Nice to meet you Anthony. ” Tracey said. “Nice to meet you girls too. ” Anthony responded waving at them goodbye. They both walked home. Anthony walked up to Paulella and she started to get nervous again. “Are you nervous again? ” Anthony asked her. “Yeah I know that’s okward but I can’t help it. ” Paulella confessed. “It’s okay. You’ll get use to being by yourself with me soon. ” Anthony responded. “Cool. ” Paulella responded with a smile.
They started walking while they were talking. “So you like LA? ” Anthony asked her looking at her. “Yeah I like it. It’s real cool but crazy with a lot of things. ” Paulella responded with her head down. “Oh cool then. I’m from Compton. But I moved in this city because Compton got too many people dying over there. That’s why I can’t wait until I graduate. Become a NBA player, and move to Atlanta and bring my family with me so I won’t leave them behind. ” Anthony told her. “That’s beautiful. ” Paulella responded. “Thanks. ” He looked at her because she was down. “Are you okay girl? ” Anthony asked her looking at her to make sure she was okay. Not really. I’m having a good time talking to you and everything but I’m just upset. ” Paulella told him while looking at him. “What’s wrong? ” Anthony asked her. “Me and my dad got into a bad argument. And I snuck out just to come to this party and be away from him. ” Paulella told him sounding stupid. “Why did you do that? ” Anthony asked her. “My friend asked me that same question. I didn’t mean to I just had to get away from him. ” Paulella confessed. “When you come home daddy fit to get you. ” Anthony said trying to scare her. “Whatever Anthony. Now you making me feel stupid and guilty. ” Paulella told him sounding sad. “I’m sorry P.
I won’t say anything about it anymore. Sorry to hear that though. ” Anthony told her. “It’s okay Anthony. At least somebody understands. ” Paulella told him. “I have been meaning to tell you this. But I really like you and I want to go out with you. ” Anthony told her afraid of what her answer might be. “Sure I wouldn’t mind. ” Paulella responded. “Yes. ” Anthony whispered to himself. Then they got to his car. Paulella liked the car that she fell in love with it. “Oh my goodness I love this car. It’s so shiny and beautiful. You drive this? ” Paulella asked him with a smile. “Yeah. My dad got this for me. It was the best present ever. Anthony responded. “I didn’t know you drive. ” Paulella told him. “Of course you didn’t know that. You just met me. ” Anthony told her and he laughed. So did Paulella. “That was stupid of me to say that. ” Paulella told him. “It’s okay we all have our moments. ” Anthony said and they both laughed. “Well I got to go home right now. I’m really tired from partying with you and my friends. ” Anthony told her. “Oh well I have to go home too. So I’ll see you later. ” Paulella told him and started walking. But Anthony got a hold of her arm and she looked at him. “Do you need a ride home? ” Anthony asked her. “No I’m okay. For real I’m fine. Paulella told him blushing. “We’re going out now, so technically I should take you home. It’s some crazy people in this city. Don’t be afraid of me, I won’t bite. I’ll protect you because I’m your man. ” Anthony said with a smile. “Fine then you can take me home. ” Paulella told him. “Thank you too. I really appreciate it. ” Paulella told him with a smile. “You’re welcome. Sit back relax, and enjoy the ride. ” Anthony told her. They both laughed and he starts his car. Then he drove to her house. He pulled up in the driveway and put his car in park. Then he looked at her. Making sure she was okay. “You okay? ” Anthony asked her. Yeah. Just worried of what I’m about to face with when I step in that house. ” Paulella responded. “It’ll be alright. You got to face it and deal with it. Like I have to deal with my little sister. ” Anthony responded. They both laughed. “You funny. ” Paulella said and laughed. “Can I have your number? ” Anthony asked her. “Yeah. Let me get your number too. ” Paulella told him. They both exchanged phones and put their numbers in the cell phone. Then after they were done they exchanged back their cell phones. “Well I hope you had a good time. ” Anthony told her while Paulella was getting ready to leave. “I did. ” Paulella responded.
Until she realize she forgot her purse at Emily’s house. “Oh no. ” Paulella said sounding worried. “What’s wrong? ” Anthony asked her seeing what was going on. “I forgot my purse at Emily’s house. Damn. ” Paulella responded and lay against her seat with her eyes closed then she looked at Anthony. “I can go and get it for you. ” Anthony told her to make her happy. “Thank you so much. ” Paulella said relieved with a smile. “You welcome. ” Anthony responded. Then out of nowhere he leaned toward her and started kissing her. And then they stop and looked at each other smiling. “Love you baby girl. ” Anthony told her smiling. “Love you too. Paulella smiled back. “Have a goodnight. ” Anthony told her while she was getting out the car. “You too. Talk to you later. ” Paulella responded while looking at him after she got out the car. “Okay. See you tomorrow. ” Anthony told her. Then she walked to the front door and he pulled out the driveway and honks her horn while he drove off. She waved at him until she couldn’t see him anymore. Paulella realized the door was unlocked and she walked in. She saw her dad sitting on the couch and she closed the door. Didn’t look at him but he was looking at her with a serious face. “Where have you been Paulella? ” Tony asked her angry. I was at a party. ” Paulella responded sounding worried. “When I told you not to leave this house? ” Glenn asked her. “You said not to leave my room. ” Paulella corrected him. “It’s still the same thing. ” Glenn responded with an angry tone while he got up. “Okay dad I’m home so can I go to my room? ” Paulella asked trying to walk to the stairs. But Glenn cut her off and she got scared. “You’re not going anywhere until I get done with you. ” Glenn said angry. Paulella didn’t know what to expect from her dad. Until he smacked her. She falls to the ground and had her hand on her cheek and looked at her dad. “Dad please let me go to my room.
I won’t do it again. ” Paulella cried out. “No I’m not finished yet. ” Glenn told her while taking off his belt and getting it ready to whip Paulella. Glenn started hitting her with the belt while she started crying and yelling out for him to stop. But Paulella kicked him his leg and fell to the ground. She quickly got up while her father got up and she ran upstairs while her dad followed her. They got halfway and her dad pulled her shirt and they both fell down the stairs. Glenn and Paulella were in pain and he dragged himself to her and turned her around. He punched her and blood came out her mouth and got on the carpet. Look what you did. You got blood on my carpet. ” Glenn told her upset. He smacked her and she kneed him the balls. She pushed him off her and he was on the ground in pain. Paulella slowly got up because she was bruised up and ran upstairs. Her dad got up and ran upstairs but skipped a step and fell on the ground. “C’mon dad come and get me. ” Paulella yelled at him. “When I catch I’m a whip your ass. ” He got up and Paulella ran in her room and locked it. He tried opening the door but couldn’t. Then he kicked it open. Paulella screamed and he grabbed her and started hitting on her while she was crying. “Dad please stop! Paulella cried out getting abused. “Don’t you ever, in your life sneak out when I told you to stay in the house. You understand me? ” Glenn yelled at her. “Yes I won’t do it no more. Now let me go. ” Paulella cried out with her eyes tightly shut. Having her eyes tightly shut looking down. He let her go and started to walk towards the door but Paulella pulled out a knife from under her bed and headed towards her dad. He looked at her and realize she was about to cut him. He quickly grabbed her arm and turned her around so she can have her back face him. He pushed her to the bed and she fell on the bed.
He pulled her onto the bed all the way and got on top of her. Having the knife pointed at her neck. “You trying to cut me? ” Anthony asked Paulella. He cut her cheek and then her arm. She screamed out in pain and he covered her mouth. He pointed the knife to her neck while he had an angry face at here wanting to kill her. Paulella was scared of what her father might do to her. “I feel like killing you so bad P. But something is telling me not to. Don’t try to pull a knife out on me like that again. Because I will cut you and this time I won’t stop. ” Antonio told her frustrated. Paulella was worried and he gave her another cut on her face.
Paulella cried in pain while Glenn got off of her and threw the knife on the ground and he walked out of her bedroom. He went to sleep. Paulella got some tissue from the bathroom and wiped herself to get all the blod off her face. Until her phone rang and she ran back to her bedroom and see what is was. It was a text message from Anthony and Tracey. She opened it up from Tracey and it read: “Girl what’s going on? ” Paulella responded saying: “We’ll talk about it tomorrow Tracey. It’s not the rite time. C u later. ” Then she sent it to her. She open up Anthony and it reads: “I really enjoyed that kiss.
But I was checking on u n goodnite. ” Paulella responded by saying: “I just got into a big fight with my father and I’ll talk 2 u later about it. I enjoyed it 2. J © U! MUAH! ” She sent it to him. Anthony texted back by saying: “Okay © u 2. MUAH! ” Paulella smiled and kissed her phone. Paulella was tired so she changed into her pajamas and turned off all the lights in the house and looked at her dad’s door. It was closed and he was sleeping silence coming from the room. She went into her bedroom and closed her door and went to sleep for the next day. Chapter 3: Realize Bruises Paulella woked up and realize her dad left for work.
Paulella found a teddy bear with a card. She walked up to it and it was from her dad. She opens the card and it read: “Monique- My lovely daughter. Sorry about yesterday. It wasn’t me. Plz forgive me with all your heart. I love you and here is some money for today. Spent it as much as you can. © U and be good at skool. Peace out babii! I’ll be home late 2nite. ” Paulela was about to cry but she hold it back in. And kissed the note. Then she found 100 dollar bill by the teddy bear and got excited. Paulella hugged the bear tightly and ran upstairs for her to get ready for school. She arrived to school and class started.
She was quiet in class and they were doing their homework before class was over. Until Mrs. Stone walked to her and wanted to talk to her. “Paulella I just wanted to say that you are doing better in this class then before. Your grade has gone up to an A+. I’m so proud of you Paulella. ” Mrs. Stone told her sounding happy of her imporvement. “Thanks Mrs. Stone. But I’m trying to do my homework before class is over. ” Paulella said giving her teacher that look like she wanted to do her homework instead of talking. “Oh I’m sorry dear. I’ll leave you-. ” Mrs. Stone told her until she saw a cut mark on her face.
She was worried about her and put her hand on chest and walked away. Paulella realize that she found out about and the bell rang and she quickly ran out of class. It was time for lunch and she walked by Anthony and his friends while trying to walkto her friend’s table. “Hey baby girl. ” Anthony said while smiling at her and walking by her looking at her. “Hey Ant. ” Paulella responded with a smile. Anthony went to his table and was talking about their relationship checking her out. Paulella went to her table and was looking down. Tracey caught her attention. “Hey miss lover. What’s going on with you? Why you so down? Tracey asked her wanting to get in her business. “Nothing really. But what’s been going on with y’all two? ” Paulella asked her. “Nothing going on with us two. But we see there’s a chemistry with you and Anthony over there. ” Britney told her while pointing at Anthony and his friends at their table. Paulella looked at them and Anthony was looking at her smiling and then talking to his friends while he was looking at her Paulella was blushing. “Okay we have a chemistry but what’s the point y’all try to get at? ” Paulella asked while eating her food. “What we trying to say is that you need to have him hit that.
You been a virgin for years, now is the time for you to give it up. ” Tracey said while smiling at her playing around with Britney. “Become a non-virgin like you? No I’ll take a pass. Besides, when the time is right, which is after marriage. I’ll give it up. Not when I’m in high school Left Eye. ” Paulella got back at her with. Tracey rolled her eyes bu twas playing with her and they laughed. But then Britney tap Tracey on the shulder and realize that Paulella had a cut mark on her bruise. Tracey looked at Britney. “Something’s up. ” Tracey whispered to Britney. Britney nodded and lunch was over.
They all dumped their tray and was left the cafeteria until Tracey pulled Paulella aside to Briteny. They was upset at her. “What’s that? ” Tracey asked her, having her next to Paulella against the wall and having her head down getting angry about the cut mark. “What’s what? ” Paulella asked them back pretending she didn’t know what they were talking about. “Paulella don’t play dumb. What is that bruise on your face? ” Britney asked her getting frustrated. “It’s nothing just don’t worry about it. ” Paulella responded trying to walk away but Tracey pulled her back against the wall. “We supose to worry about it. We’re your friends. Tracey told her looking at her upset. “Then just drop it if y’all my real friends. ” Paulella tried telling them. “I hope Anthony ain’t hitting on you. ” Tracey said getting mad. “How dare you say that. “ Paulella told him disappointed about what Tracey said. “Well you did met him for the first time. ” Tracey said having a point. “That doesn’t mean he will hit on me. ” Paulella responded getting upset at her friend’s comment. “My bad dang Paulella. ” Tracey told her so she won’t get mad. “You barely know the guy and you talking mess like that. ” Paulella told her getting frustrated. “We’ll I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this. Tracey said. “You’re not my momma Tracey. Stay in a child’s place. ” Paulella warned her. “Remember you use to have a mom? Now she left you. And how you going to tell me to stay in a child’s place and you’re one yourself? ” Tracey asked her trying to get under her skin. “You going too far Tracey. At least my daddy wasn’t a crack head. ” Paulella diss Tracey with. “Wow so old news. But he changed his life and now he’s a cop working for the LAPD. Making boo koo dollars. And what does your dad do a for a living? ” Tracey asked her sounding sneaky. “My dad is a rap artist. But he makes more money than you. ” Paulella said with a smile. Yeah who cares. And I’m not the one with the abusive father in my life. ” Tracey got back at her with. Paulella wanted to hit her but she didn’t. “But this mourning he gave me 100 dollars. With a teddy bear and a sorry note. So he cares for me. He keep on hitting me as long as I get that paper. ” Paulella said flashing out her money out to Britney and Tracey. “You think you better than us but you’re not no where near to me. Not to Britney, not to nobody, not even me. You can’t get on my level little girl. You can go to daddy and tell him I said that because I’m not scared of no one. ” Tracey said sounding crazy. Well I got the flashy clothes, money and a nice house. So actually I am at your level. You just a wonna be bad girl so the world can revolve around you. But guess what it doesn’t. Then the other thing you should do is stop getting in my business. ” Paulella responded back sounding like she was all that. “I’m just trying to help you out. ” Tracey said with a attitude. “Well thanks but I don’t want it. ” Paulella said because she knew this conversation was getting them no where. “Why you got to get mad at us? ” Tracey asked her looking like she had an attitude. “Because you won’t drop it when I say to drop it. ” Paulella got back at her with. Then who is doing this to you? Please tell us. ” Britney begged her. Hoping that she would tell the truth. “It was my father. He did this to me because I snuck out the house. ” Paulella confessed. “That was real stupid to do. He had the right to beat your ass and do all that cutting’ stuff to you. ” Tracey told her. Paulella gasp and laughed but she didn’t mean it. “I can’t believe you said that. You know what, don’t talk to me. I’m a be late for class. ” Paulella told them trying to walk away but Tracey grabbed her arm. “You ain’t going no where until we get done with this. ” Tracey said getting angry at her.
Paulella looked at her and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her own friend is putting her hands on her and acting just like her father. Now she knew that she had to fight back and tell her friend what the real deal is on not to put her hands on her. “We are done with it. ” Paulella told her back at an angry tone. “And you better get your damn hands off me you crazy girl. I’m not playing with you. Do that one more time and I’m a knock you out. ” Paulella threatened her. Until Tracey pushed her and then they was about tot fight talking mess to each other putting their fingers in their face and Britney had to push them away from each other. I’m done with you Tracey. If you keep becoming the crazy girl that you is. Ain’t no way you going to make some friends. How you suppose to make it in this world and you acting crazy. You better stay away from me from now on. ” Paulella warned her while walking away. “Fine then stupid hoe. See how fast your dad about to kill you if you don’t stop acting stupid and get away from him. See how much help you about to get from now. ” Tracey yelled back at Paulella while Britney was holding her back. Until Tracey pushed Britney off of her. “Get your hands off me. ” Tracey said getting mad.
Tracey walked to class while Britney went to Study Hall. School became over and Anthony was saying goodbye to his friends and started walking to his car until he got a text from Paulella. It read: “Hey are you busy right now? ” Paulella asked him. He text back by saying: “No I’m not r u ok? ” Anthony sent back to her. He got in the car and Paulella text back and it read: “Come over my house my dad is coming home late so u can come rite now if u like. ” He text back saying. “Cool I’ll b there. ” Anthony sent to Paulella. She text back n it said: “J © U!! ” He smiled and he drove to her house.
He parked his car on the side of the street and turned off his car. He got out the car and started walking to the front door. He looked at his car and pressed his lock button and his car beep. He got to the door and ranged the doorbell and waited for Paulella. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and to the front door. He wanted to make sure it was Paulella. She open up the door and smiled so did Anthony. She gave him a good hug and he kissed her. “I thought it was your dad that was coming to the door. I was about to dip and go home. ” Anthony told her happy. “I’m glad you’re here. ” Paulella kissed him. Because I really need to talk to you. ” Paulella told him. “Okay then let’s talk. ” Anthony told her and he picked her up and carried her upstairs to her bedroom and placed her on her bed. She started laughing while smiling. “That’s was real sweet Ant. I loved it. ” Paulella said smiling. He climbed on top of her and started touching her and Paulella liked it. “I knew you would like it. I’m a sweetheart. ” Anthony said trying to flirt with her. Paulella and Anthony got up and sat on her bed and looked at each other. “So what did you wanted to talk about? ” Anthony asked her having his arm around her. Well I just needed to talk to you about last night and today. ” Paulella responded sounding guilty. “Oh yeah you was suppose to tell me what happened with you and your pops. ” Anthony said with a smile. But Paulella had her head down and her eyes watery. Anthony lift her head up by his finger under her chin and realize that she was about to cry. “Baby what’s wrong? Did I say something out of pocket? ” Anthony asked making sure he didn’t do anything wrong and wanted her to be happy again. “No it was never you. My dad and I got into an argument and he did something to me. ” Paulella responded sounding sad. What did he do? ” Anthony asked trying to figure out what was going on and what her dad did to her. Paulella showed him the cut marks on her arm and face that her dad gave her yesterday night. Anthony was worried about what is going on with her relationship with her and her father. “Paulella are you okay? Your dad went too far. ” Anthony asked worried about his girlfriend. “Yeah I’m fine but then my friend got into an argument trying to make fun of me and thinking my life is hell and their life is better than mine. So now me and Tracey don’t talk anymore. I’m just going through so much with things in my life.
The bad thing about it, is that my mom doesn’t know about it and if she does, then he’s gone to jail while I move away with her. ” Paulella told him while sounding sad and tears ran down her face. But Ant wiped her tears away. “Baby it’s okay. You had the right to stand up for yourself and your family. I would’ve done the same thing if I was going through the same thing and my friends would make fun of me about it. There are things that we go through in life and we have to deal with it. Just keep your head up through the ruff times and let it not get to you. I know you Paulella. You’re a strong black beautiful woman that I love.
And there won’t be nothing that can stop that. ” Anthony told her letting her know that he meant it from the heart. “I love it when you make me feel happy inside. That’s how I know that you love me from the heart and I’m going to give you the same love that you give me. ” Paulella told him from the heart. Anthony and Paulella looked into each other’s eyes deeply. Then Anthony leaned in and started kissing Paulella while they leaned back onto the bed until her dad came in and caught them kissing looking shocked and mad at the same time. They quickly got up and Paulella was in front of Anthony while she hold hands with Anthony behind her back. Paulella what’s going on? ” Her dad asked her getting mad. “Nothing was going on. I just wanted him to come over so we can talk. ” Paulella confessed. “You call this nothing? I just caught you two kissing on the bed. Ain’t no telling what else y’all would’ve did if I didn’t come. ” Antonio told her upset. “Please dad can we not argue. This is not the right time for me. ” Paulella begged him. “No I think this is the good time. ” Antonio told her getting frustrated. Paulella rolled her eyes and turned around to look at Anthony. Anthony looked at her. “I’m sorry about this. Trust me I did not wanted you to get caught. Paulella tried telling him. “It’s okay baby. I still love you. I guess I got leave. ” Anthony said. “Yeah it’s time for you to go home boy. ” Antonio told him didn’t even want to look at him. Anthony and Paulella looked at each other and gave each other a kiss. Then Anthony walked out and got out the house and drove home. Antonio was disappointed and mad at his daughter he took a deep breath and looked at her. “Dad I can explain. I didn’t mean to have in the house like that. Trust me. I just wanted to talk to him. ” Paulella told him sounding inasant. “I don’t think I can trust you anymore.
I just saw you with a boy in my house in your bedroom on your bed about to do I don’t know what. Now you want me to trust you? How can I trust you when I caught you with a boy in my house? ” Tony asked her getting angry. “Dad it was nothing just calm down. Can you please leave my room? ” Monica asked him. “No you not going to tell me that you want me to leave the room. I’ll leave when I want to. ” Glenn told her. “I thought I told you I don’t want boys in my house. You 16, and you screwed up. ” Glenn told her upset. “I’m sorry dad but what you did to me last night made me frustrated. And I had to talk to someone. Monique told him. “All the friends you have in the world. You picked him over your home girls? ” Glenn asked couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “He’s my, boyfriend. ” Monique confess. “What else you got to hide from me? ” Glenn asked her getting upset about the secrets he’s telling him now. “Nothing I was just telling him about the fight last night that we had. ” Monique told him. “Why the hell you telling people? Especially him about our business? You act like I was hurting you for no reason. You did try to cut me first. ” Glenn was telling her so she can know what she did. “It was self defense. Monique responded. “Even though I wasn‘t doing nothing to you. ” Glenn told her knowing she was lying. Giving her that look knowing that he wasn’t dumb. “This isn’t taking us no where. Can you just leave me alone and leave my room? ” Monique begged him to leave the room. “I’m not through talking to you yet. Now sit your black ass down right now. Or I’ll beat it until it turns purple. ” Glenn told her and she sat down on the edge of her bed listening to him. “You got a lot of nerve to go around this neighborhood and tell people that I beat you. Knowing that I beat you because of discipline.
So now I got to clean up all this shit you be telling people so they won’t think I’m an abusive father. Thanks a lot Mo. You made my day. I already got enough to deal with then to be dealing with your ugly ass. ” Glenn said out of frustration. Monique looked at him upset for what he just said. “What did you just say? ” Monique asked him while standing up. “You heard me I already got enough to deal with then to be dealing with your ugly ass. That is what I said. You got a problem then we can do this. ” Glenn told her. Monique walked up to him and smacked him. He looked at her upset. “You going to wish you never did that. Glenn told her. He hit her in the face and they got into a fight. Monique was hit in the face and she fell he got on top of her and starts beating on her while she was yelling for help. But he covered up her mouth and she tried screaming out but it didn’t do her no good. He hit her in the face and she kneed him in the balls making him fall off her in pain. She gets up and ran downstairs and realize that there was no noise coming from the bedroom. She started walking backwards and saw that her dad was behind her and he put his arm around her neck trying to choke her. “You think you can run from me Monique? But you can’t.
And I’m a give you a bad beat down from having a mouth like that on you. ” Glenn told her knowing that he wasn’t taking back what he said. He pushed her into the wall having her bleed from the mouth and nose. Kneed her in the face by his knee and she had blood coming out super bad. She fell to the ground

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