© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 1 of 10 National Health Science Assessment 25 Sample Questions PE ID: 129631 Standard: 10.1 1. Which of the following accurately describes the rhythm and volume of a pulse? (circle the correct answer) A. Irregular and weak B. 60/min and thready C. Deep and regular D. Strong and 80/min PE ID: 129647 Standard: 7.1 2. An autoclave kills pathogens, viruses and spores using: (circle the correct answer) A. a mixture of gas and chemicals. B. radiation. C. steam under pressure. D. dry heat. PE ID: 129630 Standard: 7.3 3. What should a healthcare worker do FIRST when assisting a client into a wheelchair? (circle the correct answer) A. Prepare the lap belt. B. Lock the brakes on the wheelchair. C. Adjust the footrests to a comfortable position. D. Raise the bed to the wheelchair level.© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 2 of 10 C. PE ID: 130663 Standard: 1.11 4. Label the following structures of the Respiratory System. (write the appropriate letter in the correct label – example: ) A. Pharynx B. Nasal Cavity C. Right Lung D. Left Bronchi E. Larynx F. Trachea PE ID: 129632 Standard: 1.3 5. How many sutures would be needed to close a wound that is 5 inches long if the physician puts in one suture every 2 cm (1 in = 2.54 cm)? (circle the correct answer) A. 4 B. 6 C. 8 D. 10 E. F. C. A. B. D.© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 3 of 10 PE ID: 129633 Standard: 6.2 6. In which of the following situations would an incident report be completed? (circle the correct answer) A. A patient complains about the hospital food. B. A client asks to speak to his lawyer C. A patient is found lying on the floor D. A disagreement with a colleague over a client PE ID: 129634 Standard: 5.2 7. A client has an advanced directive that states he/she does not wish to be resuscitated in case of emergency. The nurse assistant does not agree with this decision. What should be done if the client goes into cardiac arrest? (circle the correct answer) A. Ask the family for their decision in this situation. B. Encourage the client to find a new healthcare provider. C. Notify the supervisor and refrain from administering CPR. D. Begin CPR as the client is unable to currently voice their request. PE ID: 129636 Standard: 4.3 8. What health care professional works in the medical laboratory service area? (circle the correct answer) A. Transcriptionist B. Respiratory therapist C. Phlebotomist D. Cardiovascular technologist© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 4 of 10 PE ID: 129639 Standard: 2.1 9. A client is not making eye contact and is speaking too softly to understand. You should: (circle the correct answer) A. face the client and speak clearly. B. try again later when the client feels better. C. tell the client to speak louder. D. ask the client to look at you. PE ID: 130665 Standard: 1.12 10. Identify the following terms as either Anatomical “Movements” or “Directions”. (write the term under its correct group)  Flexion  Prone  Medial  Opposition  Circumduction  Anterior PE ID: 1132008 Standard: 11.34 11. When saving a document or a spreadsheet that may contain confidential patient information, you should: A. Also save a backup copy on a personal USB flash drive in case something gets lost. B. Use an online cloud service to store data so that you can access it in other locations. C. Save items directly to the computer’s hard drive. D. Only use approved and secure storage methods and software. “Movement” Flexion Opposition Circumduction “Directions” Medial Prone Anterior© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 5 of 10 PE ID: 129641 Standard: 2.1 12. What is the BEST way a healthcare worker can be sure that a patient clearly understands directions he/she has been? (circle the correct answer) A. Ask the patient if he/she has any questions. B. Trust that the directions are understood. C. Ask the patient to repeat the directions. D. Ask whether the patient understands. PE ID: 129642 Standard: 4.2 13. Kathy works at a long-term care facility. On her last evaluation, she received a below average rating on “willingness to learn.” What could she do to improve? (circle the correct answer) A. Report co-workers who complain about work to the administrator B. Ask co-workers to help her when lifting a heavy patient C. Volunteer to work overtime and on holidays D. Attend a workshop on caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease PE ID: 129643 Standard: 4.1 14. Most healthcare facilities permit male employees to wear what type of jewelry when providing patient care? (circle the correct answer) A. Charm bracelet B. Small pierced earrings C. Body jewelry D. Tongue-piercing jewelry© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 6 of 10 PE ID: 130666 Standard: 1.11 15. Associate the following functions to their corresponding Lobes of the Brain. (write the correct term next to its correct functions – two terms will not be used)  Occipital  Temporal  Brainstem  Parietal  Frontal  Cerebellum PE ID: 130668 Standard: 1.13 16. Platelets are distinguished by which of the following characteristics or traits? (circle the correct answer) A. Single nucleated cells that make up more than 40-50% of the total blood volume. B. Specialized cells that seek out, identify, and bind to alien protein on bacteria and viruses. C. Contain sugars, salts and fats. Supplies nourishment and removes waste products. D. Non-nucleated cell fragments that plug ruptured vessels and release coagulating chemicals. Lobe of the Brain Functions Frontal Personality, Reasoning, Planning, Parts of speech, Emotions, and Problem Solving Parietal Perception of Touch Stimuli, Movement, Orientation, Recognition Temporal Perception and Recognition of Auditory Stimuli, Memory, and Speech Occipital Visual Processing© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 7 of 10 PE ID: 129645 Standard: 6.1 17. A patient with a terminal illness wants to die and begs the doctor to stop his heart medication. When following the Hippocratic Oath, the doctor would: (circle the correct answer) A. withhold the medication as requested by the patient. B. give an overdose of the medication to halt the patient’s suffering. C. get a second opinion to determine if the medication order can be stopped. D. continue the medication to preserve life whenever possible. PE ID: 130667 Standard: 1.21 18. Match the following Diseases and Disorders with their corresponding parts of the body. (write the correct body part next to its correct disease and disorder)  Eye  Bones  Skin  Blood  Large Intestine  Liver Part of the Body Diseases and Disorders Blood Leukemia Liver Hepatitis Eye Glaucoma Skin Eczema Bones Arthritis Large Intestine Colitis© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 8 of 10 PE ID: 129646 Standard: 6.2 19. You have just witnessed a client being injured in a fall while entering the medical building where you are interning. After the proper personnel have provided immediate care, what should you do? (circle the correct answer) A. Interview others around the area to see what they observed before making your report. B. Report the incident to your supervisor as you witnessed it. C. Don’t offer any information unless you are asked. D. Submit a report to OSHA to prevent future accidents. PE ID: 129652 Standard: 8.1 20. Listening is a part of effective communication between healthcare team members. Team members can enhance listening skills by: (circle the correct answer) A. being aware of prejudices and considering comments that offend you. B. watching for nonverbal gestures that are disrespectful. C. interrupting the speaker to clarify what is being said. D. paying close attention to clearly hear what the other person is saying. PE ID: 129653 Standard: 9.1 21. What nutrient do dieticians recommend in the highest percentage for good nutrition? (circle the correct answer) A. Polyunsaturated Fats B. Incomplete Proteins C. Simple sugars D. Complex carbohydrates© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 9 of 10 PE ID: 130669 Standard: 1.32 22. Michael is an 18 month-old male toddler that is in the 50% percentile for length-age. Using the chart below, determine how many more centimeters Michael will need to grow to reach the 95% percentile by 24 months? (circle the correct answer) A. 6 cm B. 93 cm C. 11 cm D. 88 cm© Precision Exams 2014 Revised 11/2014 10 of 10 PE ID: 129654 Standard: 10.1 23. A man suddenly stops chewing, looks frightened, and points to his throat. What should the healthcare worker do FIRST? (circle the correct answer) A. Ask the man to sit up straight and raise his arms above his head. B. Move the man to a safe location and give five abdominal thrusts. C. Perform a mouth sweep. D. Ask the man, “Are you choking?” PE ID: 129649 Standard: 7.1 24. Biohazardous waste should be: (circle the correct answer) A. separated from other waste and placed in a biohazard bag. B. separated from other waste and placed in a clear plastic bag. C. discarded in a biohazardous bag with all other trash. D. discarded in the nearest waste receptacle. PE ID: 1132002 Standard 11.12 25. Recall the correct standard paper claim form used by health care professionals to bill Medicare Carriers: A. Explanation of Benefits (EOB) B. CMS-1500 C. HIPAA Form D. ICD-9 Codes

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