How to Write a Movie Critique Essay:10 Excellent Tips and Examples



Movie critiques differ from movie reviews. Movie reviews reveal a personal impression of the viewer, while in a movie critique paper, you have to criticize the means of film production. You also have to provide some practical advice on improving the film’s quality to attract a larger audience.

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We will provide you with the ultimate guide and steps on how to write a movie critique paper. Just keep on reading and learn more about writing a movie critique.

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1.Writing a Movie Critique: How to Start

Doctor strange movie critique

The general guidelines on how to critique a movie are:

  1. Choose a movie.
  2. Specify the issues you are going to talk about and analyze them in your paper.
  3. Watch the movie several times. First- to understand the general idea of the film. The second time, to get the ideas and details, you couldn’t understand the first time.
  4. Jot down some notes while watching.
  5. Be specific and objective.

Note: Criticizing does not mean you express your negative emotions. Too much pessimism will kill the target audience’s desire to get closely attached to your writing. Even though the movie is a total mess, try to present a sophisticated evaluation free from prejudice.

2.Writing a Movie Critique: Premise

The premise is the background of the story. It includes the possible events that might have occurred before.

Here, analyze the plot contrivances. Make sure your premise is well-structured to improve the overall impression of the movie.

Your critique should include well-grounded facts, not just your suppositions. Don’t forget to point out specific examples from the movie to prove words as a critique.

3.Writing a Movie Critique: Characterization

How to write a movie critique

What is characterization?

It is the description of characters’ personality,beliefs,motivation e.t.c.

During characterization:

  1. Concentrate on specific movie characters
  2. Check if the characters dress, talk, act, look abides by the image they should be portraying towards their viewers. The better the characters are developed, the more character-driven story is.
  3. Check if the right motivation of the character makes the audience believe the story and its development.

4.Writing a Movie Critique: Plot and Structure


The plot is the flow of events and actions that consequently develop a story. On the other hand, the movie’s structure shows how the plot of the film is built.


  1. Check whether the plot is predictable.
  2. Make sure the structure consists of three sections: Introducing the main characters, leading up to the climax of the story, and bringing the movie to an end.
  3. Check whether the plot corresponds to the characters’ motivation.
  4. Remember that before the story ends, there should be a culmination of the story when the tension reaches the highest point.
  5. Examine the plot and structure to check whether they benefit the movie in this regard.

5.Writing a Movie Critique: Dialogue

In regards to movie critique, a dialogue is a conversation between characters.

Good dialogues should sound natural and not be protracted.

Check whether there is a logical development of the conversation. Watch the actors’ body language determine whether their gestures abide by their words or not.

6.Writing a Movie Critique: Originality

Originality is a fresh/new idea executed in the film and attracts the viewers’ attention. Originality might also refer to a character, plot, setting, or something new the audience has never seen before in any movie.

Try to offer a descriptive explanation of the adaptation of these new techniques and ideas.

7.Writing a Movie Critique: Scenes

A movie scene is a self-contained episode within a greater work.

Check whether the actors performed the scenes well or if the scenes were well-shot by the operator.

Perfect scenes should build a chain that makes up the story. Examine if they contain some conflict and how actors react to it.

8.Writing a Movie Critique: Visual Presentations

What is a visual presentation?

This is the setting to develop the action and the plot of the movie. Also, it’s when characters have an interaction with each other.


  1. Check whether the set shows a motif.
  2. Make sure that the particular type of story decides the length of interaction there should be.
  3. Provide as many examples as possible.

9.Writing a Movie Critique: The General Structure of a Critique

  1. Begin with an introduction. Here, provide basic information about the film, make a plot summary, state your thesis, and give your audience a clue on what your critique is all about.
  2. Main body. Divide it into several paragraphs, explain your thesis there, and examine each point separately. Make sure to provide examples.
  3. Summarize your movie critique with a decision that provides an overview of the entire work.

10.Writing a Movie Critique: Useful Words and Expressions for Film Critique Writing

Type of Movie/Genre







Producer & Director

Produced by….

The movie is directed by…

The movie is based on a book…


Appealing, Warm-hearted

The actors were performed exceptionally because…

Fervently performed…



Fragmented narrative

The story reaches a climax when…


A must-see movie

I would highly recommend this film to anyone because…

I was impressed by…

Rating from a scale of zero to five, I would rate this film a 4 because…

A truly skillful piece of filmmaking…

In conclusion, we hope these tips will help you in the process of writing your critique paper.

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