Motive To Study At Bangor University Motivation Factors Education Essay

In general, the term “ motive ” is defined as the determination doing procedure that initiates, argues and thrusts to accomplish the ends of an person or administration. Writers believe that assorted factors contribute to motive. For illustration, in their article “ Self Focused attending, public presentation anticipations and the strength of attempt: Do Peoples seek harder for harder ends? ” Daniel et Al ( 2010, pg 2 ) , province “ Brehm ‘s motivational strength theory nevertheless proposes that attempt is non rather so simple. This theoretical account assumes that the mobilisation of bodily resources is dearly-won, so people will set away every bit much attempt as necessary to accomplish a end. ” I tend to hold with this theoretical account as it stressed on how one should do attempt to accomplish the ends alternatively of blowing clip. I used this theoretical account as a footing when taking my categories while maintaining in head my overall ends. Harmonizing to me motive is the cardinal driver for determination devising procedure
With this in head, my two chief motivational factors to prosecute my MBA from Bangor are: Professional and personal. On a professional forepart, I besides wanted to analyze in a UK university that is little plenty to see a one to one interactive with the module and it at the same clip it provides a dynamic acquisition environment. As I read about the university online, I found it really interesting that is had “ An impressive 93 % satisfaction evaluation was given by Bangor Business School pupils in the most recent National Students Survey ” . This clearly reflects on learning and larning experience within the university. Furthermore Bangor University is good recognised in UK is besides a motive factor.
In add-on, I feel the concern universe is acquiring smaller and bulk of employees within companies today are from diverse civilizations. Bangor University ‘s rich and diverse civilization will assist me during my group undertakings and heighten my communicating accomplishments further. In general, I am trusting that the cognition and experience I gain from Bangor University will do be better prepared for the existent universe concern experience. I found Bangor to be the best university with elect squad of professors and classs that help in constructing a strong foundation for us as we get ready to confront the ‘real ‘ concern universe. Again, this will fulfill my “ societal and esteem demands ” ( Maslow Hierarchy Need ) .

On a personal degree, my brother graduated with an MBA grade from Bangor. He enjoyed his experience at the university. He besides liked the diverse civilization and friendly environment. I personally found a great alteration in my brother ‘s mentality to the concern universe. I enjoyed listening to the fantastic experiences with such enthusiasm was so reviewing to hear. What I found interesting was that every clip he shared his advanced thoughts he supported it by assorted theories he had learnt in his categories.
When I joined Bangor, it was a soothing feeling to be introduced to assorted professors ( which my brother personally introduced me ) . This is of import to me, non merely because I myself am an international pupil. In add-on, go forthing place to peruse my surveies further in UK, it is of import to my household that I study in a metropolis that is safe and comparatively free from offense. Statistics show “ The offense rate in North Wales is considered to be one of the lowest in the whole of the UK ”[ I ]
In visible radiation of above, possibly Maslow ‘s Hierarchy Need sums up so far my motives. I feel prosecuting my grade will give me an chance to non merely explore but besides fulfill my societal demands. Indeed being exposed to different cultural backgrounds will do me more socially cognizant. This is a immense motivational force for me as I want to work in a professional international environment.
To sum, I feel that if you want to accomplish your end so you should hold to bask, explore and work the competences which come in our manner. The ground for taking Bangor University is that I want to make my MBA by non merely analyzing hard but besides by acquiring some planetary exposure.
Approach to Learning
My attack to acquisition is based on three points:
Information Gathering: To seek for the information that is required for accomplishing my ends.
Measuring Information: To measure and form utile information to acquire context out of it.
Implementing Strategy into Action: To aline the information to do a scheme and so implementing the utile scheme into actions.
My attack to acquisition is base on mistake critiscm and rectification. This means that it is of import I foremost gather cognition for larning and so knock it and accordingly rectify it by traveling through the procedure or rating, eventually seting it into action. My attack to larning chiefly focuses on formalizing my point and so prolonging with my ain points. This attack is based on working the recent cognition that I have gained and besides utilizing different beginnings to understand the new and advanced cognition. This will profit me in two ways: One, I can expeditiously pull off today ‘s demands of the of all time altering concern environment. Two, it gives me the chance to take ends, values, programs and regulations are operationalized instead than inquiry ( Argyris and Schon, 1974 ) . Argyris et Al ( 1974 ) usage Single Loop Learning and Double Loop Learning as an alternate response is to inquiry to regulating variables themselves, to subject them to critical examination. Hence they believe that Double Loop Learning is far better than Single Loop Learning Theory as it focuses on mistake unfavorable judgment and rectification.
In my attack to acquisition, I find that Double Loop Learning theory best suits in accomplishing my ends.
aˆ¦ .
Overall, my procedure of acquisition is to research my cognition and so develop a scheme which contains all positions required. Then implementing my wonts, attitude and manner of instruction in that scheme and so eventually implementing this scheme into actions by mistake unfavorable judgment and rectification. This theoretical account proposed by Onions ( 1973 ) is a true theoretical account of Learning.
Harmonizing to Onions ( 1973 ) “ Learning is a three procedure activity:
To Develop: To blossom more to the full, conveying out all that is contained in.
To Educate: To convey up from childhood, so as to organize wonts, manners, mental and physical aptitudes.
To Train: To teach subject in or for some peculiar art, profession, business or pattern, to exert, pattern drill. ” Pg-5
This theoretical account chiefly focuses on expeditiously alining the resources so updating it and trains it, to acquire a proper attack of larning. I tend to hold with this theoretical account and program to utilize this attack of larning in my ain learning manner.
Issues in Group Work
There are several issues which are anticipated in a group work. These issues non merely consequences in detroit the public presentation of the group but besides consequences in doing the way hard to accomplish the ends. Some of the issues are:
Satisfaction: The degree of satisfaction is different for each person and therefore the procedure to make that satisfaction is different therefore I think this is the basic ground for group struggle. Since satisfaction is of two types:
a ) Growth Satisfaction: It means growing of the group, how much undertaking has they done? So it is besides a basic ground for struggle.
B ) Social Satisfaction: It means satisfaction of each member in a group. How much he/she is comfy in a group. This is besides a basic ground for group struggle.
Planning: It means doing schemes to do usage of effectual resources like clip, attempt etc is the basic ground for group struggle. Since every member does non hold to utilize same scheme in a group.
Directing: This is the most of import ground for group struggle. As it focuses on directing the clip, attempts and even member ‘s work and since each member do n’t hold on this. Since every member has their ain positions on pull offing the undertakings so by and large they do n’t hold on pull offing their resources.
Forming: It means programming, meetings and implementing of schemes. So the leader plays a major function in this thing as a consequence of this each member did non be given to hold on forming therefore there is a struggle between leader and group members.
Measuring each Member ‘s Performance: This is the major issue of struggle in a group, when you tend to measure each member ‘s public presentation in a group. How much attempts, clip is he/she giving to the group work and therefore this consequence in issues or struggles in a group. As a consequence of measuring each member ‘s public presentation makes the public presentation of group biased.
Common Purpose and Specific Goals: It means each member should hold a common intent to accomplish the specified ends. Furthermore their attack must be the same in order to be in the same group. Therefore this is the ground for group struggle because each member can non hold a similar group and in order to alter the attack of each member is non an easy undertaking and therefore causes struggles.
Skills: It refers to the cognition, skills each member has with him. It focuses on the accomplishment of ends. It is the root cause of group struggle. Since each member has different accomplishments and their public presentation depends upon these accomplishments. So it puts a negative position of the meber who has low accomplishments. Skills are of two types:
a ) Administrative Skills: These accomplishments are required to pull off and aline the undertakings, attempts and accomplishments of members in a group. Therefore this accomplishment is besides an issue in group struggle.
B ) Technical Skills: These accomplishments are required to technically stipulate the accomplishments in the group. It includes accomplishments requires in usage of engineering. If any member who is technically updated has the penchant in the group and therefore has the upper advantage in the group which makes other member covetous of him. It consequences in struggle in Group Work.
Attitude of Group Members: It states as the behaviour of the group members. It means the manner they do their undertakings in a group. It focuses how much are they seting? It chiefly focuses on behaviour like are they chesty, how much clip are they giving in undertakings. It chiefly rely on members should go to in the proper manner. This is the major issue for a group struggle. If a member is non interested in making their work. They manner they pursue their occupation, responsibilities. If a member is non an effectual user of resources so it consequences in struggle.
Loyalty: It means that each member should be loyal to the group work they are making. Each member should give his/her 100 % to be a loyal member of the group. They should be a loyal member so they each member can swear each other. It rely on the fact each member should be a loyal in go toing meetings, occupations and acting of responsibilities and undertakings assigned to them. If atoll any member is non loyal so it consequences in issues and struggles in a group work.
Role of Each Member: It means each member should hold a similar function. One should non be biased to any member otherwise it consequences in struggles in a group work. The function of each member like acting of responsibilities, undertakings etc should be every bit balanced. If any member is excessively much over pressured so it consequences in struggles in a group work.
Procedure the Group Use: It means the process a group uses should be agreed by each member otherwise it consequences in a group struggle. It is besides a major issue as to acquire each member agree on the similar processs as to acquire each member agree on the similar processs as each member has their ain thoughts and their ain manner of attacks to work. So it depends upon the leader to choose a process on the common concern of each member.
Interpersonal Manners: It is an of import issue in group work. Since each member has their ain manners of working and one can non coerce anyone to alter their ain manners. So one has to accommodate and appreciate manners of each member otherwise there would be conflict in group work.
Decision Devising: It includes a procedure in which determinations are taken. This is the major issue in a group work and it states all the determinations should be taken by the common concern of each member. If there are six members in a group and four agree to take determinations and the remainder two are opposing the determinations so there will be struggles in a group work.
Division of Labour: It focuses that the undertakings should be every bit distributed in a group. One should non be biased with any member. Each member should give equal importance and equal responsibilities, occupation and duty. If any two member ‘s holding less work and everything is left on staying members so it raises struggle. Hence it is an of import factor which consequences in group struggles.
Leadership: This is the major issue in a group struggle. Group ‘s public presentation depends upon the leader. If the leader is chesty and his manner of manner does non fit with other member ‘s so it raises struggle in the group. So one has to sure of taking the leader as a leader is the representative of the group. He is the 1 responsible for division of labor, planning, directing and forming etc. So one has to take attention of while taking a leader otherwise it consequences in struggles in a group work.
Harmonizing to Joyce S. , David A. , Irwin M. , Osland Kolb Rubin “ Sometimes they put less attempts to group undertakings than when they work entirely. This is known as Social Loafing. ” Pg-193.
Addressing Issues In Group Work
For work outing issues in a group struggle I agree with this theoretical account. Harmonizing Joyce S. ( 2001 ) “ A Model on Problem Solving Based on Theory of Experimental Learning. This theoretical account consists of four phases:
Situation Analysis: What ‘s the most of import Problem- The undertaking of state of affairs analysis is to analyze the immediate situational context to find the right job to work on.
Problem Analysis: What are the causes of the Problem- The undertaking of job analysis is to specify the job decently in footings of indispensable variables or factors that influence it.
Solution Analysis: What ‘s the Best Solution- Solution analysis seeks to bring forth possible solutions and to prove their feasibleness for work outing the job.
Execution Analysis: How do we implement the solution- Task necessity for implementing the solution must be identified and organized into consistent programs with appropriate clip deadlines and follow up ratings. ” Pg-218 & A ; 219
Harmonizing to me I agree with this theoretical account and will utilize in future to work out struggles and issues in group work. As it focuses on each and every measure and give importance to each measure. Furthermore I would utilize an attack that attempts to look for job and so discoursing the jobs. After that use an attack that will turn to to solutions to these jobs. Harmonizing to me chief struggle in a group work is related Division of Labour so I strongly use such sort of attack that will supply equal and balanced distribution of labor between each member of the group.
Another major issue is Decision Making Process so I should utilize a procedure which helps in taking all the determinations reciprocally agreed by each member instead than coercing the determinations on them. Furthermore I think alternatively of choosing the leader on my ain, we should keep an single vote system to choose the leader. As a leader is the representative of the group. My first focal point is to esteem and appreciate interpersonal manners. Since every person has his ain manner of working and therefore 1 has to accommodate themselves to the manners and attitude of each member. We should travel for the process that is good accepted by each member of the group. We should discourse attacks that we should utilize in a group work. We have to esteem each member ‘s facts, their clip and attempts. So we should travel for that procedure and attack with which everyone is comfy and ready to bask in working towards that attack.
Another issue is forming which focuses on scheduling meetings and implementing schemes therefore it becomes a major struggle issue in a group. So in order to screen it out one should concentrate on scheduling meetings harmonizing to the convenience of each member and implement schemes after discoursing it with each member. Implement it merely after every member is pleased by that attack.
In order to work out issues in group conflict one should concentrate on encouraging each member to give thoughts and so give accent on flow of thoughts, information and cognition within a group. One should cook to compromise in a group and appreciate each other ‘s thoughts. One should concentrate on effectual usage of resources and usage of wit while working in a group.

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