Child and Adolescent Development

Research a scholarly journal article on the biological and environmental factors that may impact the physical development of a child. Provide a brief summary of the article. Compare and contrast it to your course readings thus far. Research consistently shows that living in poverty negatively influences language development. Locate and summarize information that would support […]

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language aquisition resources

Many resources are available to help us continue to develop our knowledge of language acquisition.  As professionals, you will need to identify and evaluate the resources available to you.  Please spend some time evaluating professional resources linked to language acquisition. For this discussion, choose a specific language acquisition topic to explore further.  Several examples include […]

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Psychology Research paper

For this paper, you will write about DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY in APA format . Then elaborate on the topic of “How do parenting styles impact a child’s level of physical activity?” And , Are children raised by parents with permissive or un-involved parents less active than those raised by parents with authoritative or authoritarian styles? The […]

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Literature Review – Dissertation

Attached is a copy of my references and the start to my project for my dissertation. I am in need of a 10 page literature review with the references chosen (attached) or new peer reviewed references that are from the last five years. The literature review needs to describe the professional. confidentiality, self disclosure, and […]

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best practices in ethical research from the literature

In a paper of at least 2,000 words (not including title, abstract, and reference pages), demonstrate your understanding of best practices in ethical research from the literature by constructing your own set of recommendations that would help graduate student researchers comply with APA ethical guidelines and avoid common mistakes and shortcomings of conducting research with […]

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Mandated Curriculum vs. Developmentally Appropriate Practices

You are a parent who is concerned about the new state-mandated, textbook-based curriculum for kindergarten, and you are writing a letter to the school board in protest of this new policy. In your letter, define DAP, describe the benefits of DAP, and explain why you feel the use of a textbook-based curriculum may be inappropriate. […]

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As you analyze and resolve the ethical dilemma and discuss the multicultural issues within the case you have chosen that relates to your specialization, you should also be incorporating a self-reflection piece based on Hays (2008) ADDRESSING model. The components of ADDRESSING relate to aspects of diversity that might represent privilege in your culture, or […]

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PSY/7610 Test and Measurements

Use the most current sources you can find. Do not use sources older than 8 years. (You may cite older sources if they are classics, if you want to show the chronology of something, or if you have another good reason. If you choose to use older sources, you will need to explain why.). Use […]

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For this assignment, you will write the first four sections of the psychological assessment report that will be completed in Week Five. Taking on the role of a psychological evaluator, you will formulate vitally important methodological and theoretical assessment conceptualizations of a client during the initial phases of the assessment process. You will apply your […]

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Adolescent psychology response paper

 The paper should be typed (1.5 spaces, Times New Roman 12, with 1 inch margins all around). Length is a minimum of 2500 words.The style of paper is not fixed. But please reference other sources you use outside of the articles in this folder in a manner that anyone can look it up (Include websites […]

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