Everything you should know about Writing an Essays. 6 Simple Steps and Examples

Essay Tips

To write an excellent essays, you have to conduct thorough research and have decent writing skills. Also, you have to make sure you proofread and edit your work. Most students find it challenging to compose high-quality essay papers due to their poor writing and research skills.
Don’t panic! In this article, You will learn how to write an essay, go through each stage of the essay writing process. You will also find a bunch of tips you can use to make the writing process much easier.

📚1.Essay Types

Essay types

Every kind of academic work has some method of classification. And essays are no exception. The main types of essays are:
argumentative essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays, and compare and contrast essays.
Argumentative essays
They provide an analysis of a subject on a single topic. This kind of essay provides either a positive or a negative opinion and requires investigation and research.
Descriptive essays.
In this kind of essay writing, the writer creates a strong impression by using expressive language, organizes thoughts logically, considers the target audience, and determines the purpose of the essay itself.
Narrative essays.
They focus on a specific plot and involves transitions, flashbacks, and forward jumps in the narration. All these parts then lead to a climax.
Compare and contrast essays.
Compare essays states the similarities between subjects, and contrast essays show the differences.
The are many more types other than the mentioned above. However, these types of essays have more impact and are commonly used by students, authors, journalists, and professional essayists.
So, let move on and explore the essay writing process itself.

✍2.  5 Stages of Writing an Essay

Here are the stages of writing an essay.

Essays Structure

{1]Preparation stage.

At this stage, select a topic (if you’re not given one), analyze the problem, and brainstorm the main ideas. When choosing a topic, focus on the subject you’re interested in. Then, narrow down your selection to a single specific problem.
When analyzing your topic, underline the keywords and try to explain it in your own words. By doing so, you will get an understanding of what you’re going to write and exactly how you’re going to deliver it.
Finally, come up with ideas that will fill your essay. Write down every single idea, regardless of how good you think it is. Then, select the strongest ones that will fit your topic and cover all aspects you want to highlight.

{2} Planning stage.

Here, formulate your thesis statement and create an essay outline. Express your opinion on the topic when formulating a thesis statement. Don’t say your opinion directly. Otherwise, there won’t be any need for the target reader to go through the rest of the essay. Just make it clear and precise.
To come up with a suitable outline, analyze all the information you have gathered and make a summary for yourself. Name paragraphs and leave space in between them. You can then write down ideas of what you’re going to talk about in those parts. Your outline should have the following section;
Introduction. (Talk about the issue and write an overview of pros and cons)
First supporting paragraph. (Describe positive aspects, and provide examples and reasoning)
Second supporting paragraph. (Talk about negative aspects and give examples and reasoning)
Conclusion. (Conclude everything you have written)

{3} Drafting Stage.

Everything gets serious at this stage. You have to attract your reader’s attention with the first few sentences. Just like any other form of academic writing, start every paragraph with the main idea. By doing so, you will be able to deliver clear messages without any difficulties.
Put all the sentences in your essay together to create a whole complete story-not just a bunch of unrelated ideas loosely held by a single theme.
Also, check on the following aspects:
The transition between paragraphs must be clear, precise, and smooth. Repeat keywords and use linking words and expressions.
Your essay narration needs to develop logically.
Use simple structures in your sentences.
In your introductory paragraph, provide enough background information.

{4} Revising Stage.

At this stage, you might add some more content to your essay if you feel you haven’t described your idea enough.
On the contrary, you may remove some information that overloads your essay. Or just replace the unnecessary text with a relevant one.
You can also compare and contrast your essay with other essay writing samples of the same type. By doing so, you will get a clear understanding of what your written essay should look like.

{4} Editing Stage.

Here, look at sentence clarity, spelling, and grammar mistakes. You can also check for punctuation mistakes. During the editing process, start by checking for misspelled words and grammar and eliminate them.

{5] Proofreading Stage.

Check your essays as the reader rather than the author at this stage. The main idea here is to find and eliminate all tiny mistakes and typos that you missed in the previous stages.
You can print out your essay for better convenience. By reviewing it on paper, you can identify mistakes more easily than while reading it from the screen.
Your friends can also read it aloud, and you will get instant feedback when something sounds wrong.

💡3.Writing an Essay: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to make your essay writing process better:
a) Make use of a thesaurus and dictionary. The dictionary will help you check the meaning of unfamiliar words. On the other hand, the thesaurus will assist you in finding synonyms if you need to rephrase words or avoid word repetition.
b) In the brainstorming stage, use mind mapping to make your ideas and connections between them visual.
c) Don’t oversimplify your thesis. You need to show that you put some thought into it.
d) To be more confident in your writing, check various essay samples.

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